Toki 2 in 1 BLW Bib + Art Apron

  • ₱1,600.00

Sleeveless Brown Giraffe
Sleeveless Olive Giraffe

Prevents food from dropping between the legs
-By connecting the Bib with the tray cover, any type of food will not spill or stain the child's clothes

Great to use with suction plates
-You can simple open up the center portion of the zipper and place your preferred plate in between the zips

Super fast and easy to use
-Every detail and function is made easy for every parent's convenience, it's easy to cover the entire high chair and easy to remove all the food contained in the bib

TIP: You can unzip the entire bottom portion for the child to use the top portion as an APRON or ART SMOCK. It's useful for sensory play or arts and crafts at home.

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