Twistshake Kid Cup 360ml / 12oz (12+M)

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Twistshake Kid cup is the perfect cup to use in combination with baby bottle. Its spill-free spout supports the active lifestyle of children. Easily remove the silicone seal and the cup will have a free flow. The fruit mixer is a revolutionizing, patent-pending innovation that lets child and parent alike create amazing drinks. Mix your favorite fruits and berries with water and shake to create a delicious, healthy, natural fruit infused water.


  • BPA-, BPS- och BPF-free - Safe for both your baby and yourself
  • Spill-free spout - So that your child can stay active without making a mess
  • Extra wide neck - Our smart design make refills and clean-ups incredibly easy
  • Fruit mixer - Mix your favorite fruits or berries and water, shake, and wonder at the fantastic flavors that have infused your drink. Healthy and delicious!
  • Sport spout – Perfect for older kids
  • PP and TPE-plastic – manufactured from premium material
  • Suitable for children 12 months and up
  • Kid cup Fruit Splash!

    1 Protective Cap - Protects your child's drink from germs, dust and grime.
    2 Lid - Leak-proof lid that is easy to screw off and on when it's time for a refill.
    3 Fruit Mixer - The fruit mixer infuses the drink with healthy and delicious fruit or berry flavors!
    4 Fruit Splash - Fill the bottle with fruits och berries for a fun and healthy experience.
    SPILL FREE Kid cup is spill-free and lets your child engage in exciting games without risking to lose his or her tasty drink. No more thirsty children or messy floors!
    MIX AND MATCH Switch things up! Create your own Twistmix’s by combining the parts from differently colored Sippy Cups and wonder at the results. Let your imagination run wild! Why not let the kids create their favorite?

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