Uv Care Pure Hydrogen Water - RO Filter

  • ₱2,050.00

Filter Type:

Reverse Osmosis Membrane


With a filter precision of 0.0001 µm, it filters out impurities like fluoride, heavy metals, lead, arsenic, parasites, chromium and overall TDS (total dissolved solids).

Replacement Period:

     12-24 months

  • Filter Replacement
    • Make sure to turn off the unit and unplug the power cord. 
    • Press the *Insert the Push Button Icon” to pop open the filter cover
    • Twist the filter to be replaced counterclockwise and carefully pull it upwards.
    • Then, install the new filter/s. Don’t forget to remove any plastic packaging. 
    • Place the new filter and rotate clockwise to secure it in place. Close the filter cover. 

    Press the “RESET” button for three (3) seconds after the filters have been replaced

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