Authentic Wink Medical Grade Postpartum / Slimming Binder (BEST SELLER)

  • ₱4,990.00

The Authentic Wink Medical Grade Postpartum/Slimming Binder is your best friend for postpartum recovery and body sculpting. This highly-rated binder is ideal for:

  • Postpartum Support: Whether you delivered via C-section or vaginal birth, Wink offers gentle yet firm compression to aid recovery, reduce swelling, and minimize discomfort.
  • Post-surgical Support: Following abdominal surgery, Wink provides targeted compression to promote healing and improve comfort.
  • Body Shaping: Experience a smoother silhouette with Wink's ability to target your core and midsection.

Here's what makes Wink the perfect choice:

  • Comfortable & Seamless: Made with a soft, breathable fabric, Wink conforms to your body for a discreet fit under clothing.
  • Adjustable Compression: Fine-tune the level of compression for optimal comfort and support with strategically placed closures.
  • Even & Strong Support: Wink's design ensures consistent compression across your abdomen and core, promoting faster recovery and a trimmer appearance.

Get back to feeling your best with the Authentic Wink Medical Grade Postpartum/Slimming Binder. Order yours today!


Not sure what size to get? No worries, mama! We've got you covered with our easy-to-use maternity size guide.

Below 7 Months:

Your body is changing beautifully, and so are your clothing needs! To ensure a comfortable fit in the early stages of pregnancy, we recommend sizing 2 SIZES UP from your pre-pregnancy waist size.

Example: If your pre-pregnancy size was a SMALL, you'll likely be comfortable in a LARGE after giving birth.

7 Months and Beyond:

As your baby grows, so will your beautiful bump! Here's how to find your perfect fit for the later stages of pregnancy:

  1. Measure: Take two measurements with a snug tape measure (like you would want the binder to fit) -
    • Underbust: Measure around your torso directly under your bust.
    • Belly: Measure around the fullest part of your belly.
  2. Calculate: Subtract the appropriate number of inches based on your month from the combined measurement (Underbust + Belly). Then, divide that number by 2.
    • 7 Months: Subtract 4 inches
    • 8 Months: Subtract 5 inches
    • 9 Months & Term: Subtract 6 inches
  3. Find Your Size: Choose the size on our size chart that corresponds to your calculated measurement.


  • Underbust: 33 inches
  • Belly: 40 inches

Combined Measurement: 33 inches + 40 inches = 73 inches

7 Months Calculation: 73 inches - 4 inches (for 7 months) = 69 inches

Your Size: Divide 69 inches by 2 = 34.5 inches

Based on this example, a LARGE size would be the best fit.

Remember: Our measurements are meant to be a guide. If you're between sizes, or prefer a looser fit, consider sizing up.

Not pregnant:

  1. Measure your waist at your natural waistline (typically just above your belly button) and around your fullest part (usually around your belly button).
  2. Average your measurements by adding them together and dividing by two.

Our size chart will then show you which size corresponds to your average measurement.

DO NOT BLEACH. Bleaching will cause damage to the elasticity of the fabric.


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