Yamatoya Nommoc Mini Crib

  • ₱12,599.10
  • Save ₱1,399.90

Why choose a Yamatoya Nommoc Mini Crib for your new baby?

  1. Protects parent’s posture with high and many mattress base options (12-height adjustment of mattress base from 15 to 76 cm from floor; even suitable for tall parents) 
  2. Compact and standard Japanese mattress size (60x90cm): fits tight spaces and door frames to make it easy for parents to move the crib so baby is nearby while they multi-task 
  3. Great solid wood quality and highly functional crib (two-side access to baby and four-wheels) by trusted Japanese designer and manufacturer of 100 years
  4. Suitable for co-sleeping setup with your baby

About this Nommoc Mini Crib:

  • Key Features: comes with one (1)  drop-side opening to baby (long side), one (1) side door opening to baby (short side) and four (4) wheels with locks
  • Available Crib Colors: Natural, White and Gray
  • Recommended Age: Newborn - 24 months old
  • Crib Material: Natural solid wood (pine)
  • Crib Paint: Lacquer Painting
  • Crib Size: H123.5 x W102 x D67 cm
  • Crib Weight: 13.5kg
  • Crib Mattress Base Height: Adjustable in 12-levels of height (15cm, 31cm, 36cm, 42cm, 48cm, 52cm, 54cm, 58cm, 60cm, 64cm, 70cm, 76 cm). When baby can sit/stand up, mattress base height is lowered and fence height is 60 cm, a safe and secure design in line with Japanese safety standards
  • Standard Japanese Crib Mattress Size (sold separately): H6 x W90 x D60 cm
  • Crib Mattress Sheet (sold separately): Available under 10mois brand (Made in Japan)
  • Packaging Size: H15 x W99 cm x D77 cm
  • Packaging Weight: 16.5kg


  1. For wood products, size and weight may vary.
  2. The color of the actual product may look slightly different from the photos.
  3. Each natural wood has a different grain and texture.
  4. Painted products with visible grain may appear different in color depending the part of the grain.
  5. Attention stickers are attached to the actual product. Do not remove it for safety reasons

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