Zoy Zoii B36 Kids Drawstring Backpack

  • ₱1,200.00

Drawstring Design: Effortlessly take items in and out with smooth, easy pulling, providing convenience for children during their adventures.
Smooth Zipper: The zipper operates silky smooth without jamming, ensuring safety for children to use independently.
Unique Aesthetic Embroidery: Each bag boasts unique and delightful embroideries of Rainbows, Dinosaurs, Kiwis, and Mushrooms. These designs are carefully crafted to resist thread stripping, ensuring durability and solidity. Additionally, they are wrinkle-resistant and fade-proof, maintaining their vibrant appearance over time.
Versatile Usage: Perfect for carrying snacks, toys, or small belongings to school, playdates, outings, or even for organizing items at home.
Waterproof Design: With a waterproof construction, this bag keeps belongings dry and protected from moisture, making it suitable for various weather conditions and outdoor activities.
The Zoyzoii Kids Bag with Drawstring and Smooth Zipper is not only functional but also adds a touch of whimsy and style to children's everyday adventures.


The Zoyzoii B36 Kids Bag with Drawstring and Smooth Zipper, featuring charming Rainbow, Dinosaur, Kiwi, and Mushroom designs, is perfect for children to carry snacks, toys, or small items to school, playdates, or outings. The drawstring allows for easy access, while the smooth zipper ensures safety for children. Its waterproof design keeps belongings dry, making it ideal for various weather conditions and outdoor activities.




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