Zoy Zoii B38 Forest Series Backpack

  • ₱2,050.00

Secure Fastening: Equipped with an H-shaped non-slip buckle, ensuring a safe and fixed position to minimize shaking during use. The breathable mesh design adds comfort for the wearer.

Smooth Zipper: The high-quality zipper glides smoothly without jamming, providing added safety for toddlers during use.

Sturdy Lifting Ring: Designed to withstand daily wear and tear, the lifting ring ensures long-lasting durability, making it suitable for various daily needs.

Waterproof: Additionally, this backpack is waterproof, offering protection from moisture and ensuring belongings remain dry in all weather conditions.


School: Carry books and supplies securely.
Outdoors: Perfect for hikes or park visits.
Travel: Ideal for snacks and essentials.
Everyday: Great for errands or playdates.


1-10 year old


Sbr diving material/Neoprene/100% Polyester Fiber



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