Zoy Zoii B6 Retro Pencil ( 10pcs )

  • ₱199.00

A pencil is a writing tool made of graphite encased in wood, used for drawing and writing. The graphite core, mixed with clay, determines its hardness, while the wooden casing provides support and a comfortable grip. Pencils are versatile, widely used for various applications in writing, drawing, and sketching due to their ease of use and erasability


Pencils are commonly used for writing, drawing, sketching, shading, and marking on paper or other surfaces. They are versatile tools suitable for various tasks, including note-taking, drafting, illustrating, and artistic creations. Pencils are preferred in many situations for their ease of use, ability to create fine lines or bold strokes, and erasability, making them essential tools in classrooms, offices, studios, and homes alike.


graphite and wood

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