Zoy Zoii B28 Kids Backpack ( Traction Series )

  • ₱1,300.00

H-Shaped Non-Slip Buckle: Safely fixed to reduce shaking, with a breathable mesh design for comfort.
High-Quality Zipper: Silky smooth and jam-free, ensuring safety for toddlers.
Backpack with Leash: Features a 1.1m safety distance to prevent children from getting lost. Designed and rigorously tested for anti-pull functionality.


Outdoor Adventures: Ideal for walks in crowded places like parks or shopping centers, keeping your child safe and close by.
Travel: Perfect for airports or train stations, providing peace of mind during busy travel days.
Everyday Errands: Useful for trips to the grocery store or running errands, ensuring your child stays nearby in busy environments.
School or Daycare: Great for outings with classmates or field trips, giving your child the freedom to explore while staying securely tethered.
Overall, the Zoyzoii Backpack with Leash is a versatile tool for keeping your child safe in various situations, providing both freedom and security.


Sbr diving material/Neoprene/100% Polyester Fiber


1-10 year old


230mm 195mm 130mm


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