Zoy Zoii B66 Kids Backpack Retro (School Bag)

  • ₱2,950.00

Comfortable Shoulder Straps: Wider and thicker straps designed to fit the shoulder curve, reducing load and allowing children to carry light loads comfortably.

H-Transverse Buckle: Equipped with an anti-slip feature and pressure-relieving design, ensuring a better fit for children's spines and reducing stretching.

U-shaped Air Cushion Design: Highly elastic to support and cushion back muscles, providing added comfort during wear.

Waterproof and Original Design: The backpack boasts a waterproof construction and features an original vintage-style design. It's also certified by CPC and CPSIA standards for safety and quality.


The Zoyzoii B66 Kids Backpack, with its wider and thicker shoulder straps, H-Transverse Buckle, and U-shaped air cushion design, offers comfort and support for children's daily activities. Whether for school, outdoor adventures, travel, or everyday use, it's designed to provide a comfortable fit and reliable performance.


1-10 year old


Polyester/faux leather


280mm 102mm 320mm

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