Zoy Zoii F18 Neck Fan (Animal Series)

  • ₱1,450.00

Smooth Body Design: Features a straight-line air discharge and a smooth body without edges, ensuring a safe and bump-free experience.

Adjustable Angle: The fan can be adjusted to meet a 360° cooling experience, with a hidden air outlet design for safer air hood diversion.

Turbine Blade Technology: Equipped with turbine blades for stronger airflow, providing a more effective cooling effect.

Safety Features: The fan is designed to avoid hair entanglement and the risk of finger contact, ensuring safety during use.

Battery Life: Offers three speed settings - 6.5 hours of sleep wind on the lowest speed, 2.5 hours of natural wind on the medium speed, and 1.5 hours of strong wind on the highest speed. It has an 1800mAh large capacity battery and supports Type-C fast charging, with a charging time of 3.5 hours.


On-the-Go Cooling: Use it wherever you need instant cooling, whether at home, in the office, or outdoors.
Adjustable Comfort: Customize your experience by adjusting the angle for optimal airflow.
Safety and Convenience: Enjoy peace of mind with features like hidden air outlets and turbine blade technology.
Long-lasting Battery: Provides several hours of use on a single charge.
Fast Charging: Recharge quickly with Type-C fast charging, ensuring minimal downtime.






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