Zoy Zoii F8 Neck Fan

  • ₱1,200.00

Sleek Design: Featuring a straight-line air discharge and smooth fuselage without edges, ensuring durability and safety during use.

Freedom of Movement: Designed for active toddlers, this fan allows them to chase and explore without fear of bumps or bruises, thanks to its sturdy construction.

Turbine Fan Technology: Equipped with turbine blades for higher airflow volume, while the hidden blade design prevents hair entanglement and finger contact.

Safety Features: The fan includes a hidden air outlet design and Type-C fast charging for convenience and safety. With its 1800mAh battery, it provides up to 5 hours of sleep wind, 2.2 hours of natural wind, or 1.2 hours of strong wind on a single charge.


On-the-Go Cooling: Take it anywhere for instant cooling relief. Whether indoors or outdoors, this fan keeps you cool and comfortable.
Safe Exploration: Let toddlers chase and play freely without worrying about bumps or bruises. The sturdy design ensures durability and safety during playtime.
Customizable Cooling: Adjust the fan speed to your preference. Choose from three settings: sleep wind for up to 5 hours, natural wind for 2.2 hours, or strong wind for 1.2 hours.
Convenient Charging: Charge the fan using Type-C fast charging for quick and easy power replenishment. The 1800mAh battery ensures long-lasting use on a single charge.
Enjoy the freedom and comfort of the Zoyzoii Portable Turbine Fan wherever you go!



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