Postpartum Finger joint pain

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Okay, super sakit nito. Nakakapikon. This is the first time that I experienced this postpartum and I thought shet tumatanda na ko. I thought ako lang. I thought arthritis. Im a PT, for those who don't know and arthritis of the finger joints is one of the most painful ones. Well, lahat naman ng arthritis is really painful. But I've seen finger deformities due to arthritis na kawawa talaga. So, intense yun fear ko dito. When I wake up in the morning, my fingers feel so stiff. And my fingers joints hurt so bad! Actually, throughout the day, painful talaga. Like if I grab a blanket, I need to grab it in such a way na hindi paside, kasi sasakit talaga lalo and my fingers have become weak. Mas magaling pa mag open ng takip ng bottled water ang mga anak ko.

My ring and middle finger on the right are the ones that's most affected. I stopped wearing my wedding ring kasi sumikip sya dahil swollen yun joint. When I posted this on my IG stories, my gosh, ang dami na naman natin. So, it gave me a peace of mind na hindi lang pala ko. Kung magkakarayuma ko, damay damay tayo hahaha At least hindi lang ako hahaha So, that's when I realized na this condition is really pretty common. Some have pain in their thumb naman which is called Dequervain's. So, basically the tendons get inflamed and imagine nyo the tendons pass through a small tunnel sa fingers natin. If inflamed, it means maga, so aside from the stiffness dahil maga, sometimes naglolock pa. Have you experienced this? It's called trigger finger naman. Yung when you make a fist, and try to open your hand, naiiwan in the flexed position yun ibang fingers. My mom had this few years ago, and she had an operation. Out patient lang yun so don't be scared. Yun nastuck na tendon  needed to be released kasi parang nagkaron ng kalyo so hindi na smooth yun pagpass nya sa tunnel ng fingers.

So, anyway, for postpartum nga, I found out na ang daming may ganitong condition. I had to exercise my hands muna in the morning ng close-open-close-open before I get out of bed. I also massage my fingers and do joint mobilization which helps. But what I noticed na nakahelp pa lalo is when I started taking Vitamin B-Complex and Biotin. In my last post, I talked about Biotin and how it helps with my postpartum hair fall. Biotin and Vit B Complex are both good for maintaining healthy skin, hair, eyes, nerves, nails. Nabasa ko lang din to and wala namang mawawala so I took the advise of other moms who had this and saw improvement upon taking these.

They're both safe for lactating moms so nothing to worry about. Few days ago, nagstart na hindi na ganun ka stiff yun fingers ko upon waking up. There's still slight pain and stiffness but it's slowly improving. I also try as much as possible to rest my fingers. In our business, sobrang gamit ang fingers because of texting and typing. Since, hindi naman maiiwasan, I am now more aware sa positioning ng fingers ko when holding my phone. Before kasi, my phone used to be supported by my pinky or ring finger. You don't notice it but yun small things like this that you do everyday causes damage talaga.

You can buy your Vit B complex in Healthy Options and any drug stores. Try it and let me know how it works for you!

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