Postpartum Hair Fall

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Postpartum Hair Loss or Hair Fall

This is one of the things I fear after giving birth. 4 csections 4 babies, and I never failed to experience postpartum hair loss. I thought this 4th pregnancy was going to be different. I thought makakalusot ako, but when Stella turned 4 months, that's when my hair started falling. Sobrang dami, like nangalahati yun buhok ko. I've always had thick hair. Whenever I go to the salon to have a haircut or color, lagi sila nagcocomplain lalo na when it's time to blowdry my hair. Ngawit na ngawit sila cause my hair is so thick. Ano pa if my hair was thin from the beginning, e di nakalbo na talaga ko kagaya ng asawa ko.

Postpartum hairfall is really common and I guess to be expected na. Maybe there are some who don't experience this but I believe 9 out of 10 naglalagas ang buhok. I always have this spot on my head na almost nababald. My son, Marko, sinabihan pa ko, "Mommy, you have a bald spot?!" Salamat, anak sa pagpansin mo ha!

In my past postpartum hair loss moments, I did not take or do anything. Dasal lang haha The hair eventually grows naman. So siguro, during the 10th month or so, I had lots of baby hair growing sa mga bald spots ko before. Pero diba, hair grows about half an inch per month so ilang taon ko hihintayin bago tumubo silang mga babies ko. Sayang lang. Nakakapanghinayang yun binayad ko sa pa color ng hair ko k Jing Monis na ang mahal mahal.

Anyway, this time around, para naman at least may gawin ako to address my pagkakapanot, I am taking Biotin which I bought from Healthy Options.


I read from other moms that they also take this. I’m taking this once a day, together with my other supplements like Vitamin B Complex, Megamalunggay and Megamangosteen, which I will discuss in the next few days. Pero for now, sa hair muna tayo. So, during the first few weeks, I did not see any changes at all. Ganun pa din. Everytime maliligo ako, halos magbara ang drain ng shower dahil puros buhok ko. Minsan si Stella, may mga buhok ko na makikita ako sa loob ng damit nyo or even inside her diapers haha. Our floor is full of my hair. Baka may nag order ng Wink and you see few strands, akin yan hahaha Baka lang maligaw. Haha

So, I’ve been taking Biotin siguro for about 3 weeks now and slowly, I see some changes na. I still have hairfall but not as much. Before kasi grabe talaga. I don’t even brush or comb my hair anymore kasi baka some strands are hanging on for dear life and baka mahila sila ng brush. Now, feeling ko nabawasan by about 25%. I am still continuing to take this para mag derecho na maging healthier yun hair ko.

Just now, well ngayon ko lang binasa. Biotin pala is B-vitamins din pala. So same sila ng B-complex. Both are for maintining healthy skin, nails and hair. So talagang parter pala sila.

What other hairfall hacks have you tried? Share please!

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  • Hello Mary,

    Thanks for your reviews.Now to the point I wanna ask you few things, My wife is dealing with hair loss problem her age is 35 and she kinda upset for this reasons.Are those vitamins and really good for health and have any side effects? She is pregnant so I’m kind of worried about her. Thanks for your time.

    Dean Thomas on
  • Thanks for the post mommy. So this product, Biotin, is safe for breastfeeding?
    How about shampoo, conditioner or oil? Did you use any?

    Bevy Cruz on
  • I will try this. Dealing with the same problem also! Ayoko makalbo!!! Thank you!

    Love Lynne on

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